October 28, 2009

Renaissance Festival—Part 3 for 2009

We had seen this young lady earlier in the day, but was not able to photograph her because she had to participate in the grand parade. When we saw her after lunch, she was ready, willing and more than able to provide us with some great poses.

Most people are not initially comfortable when a photographer sticks a big lens in his/her face. Not the case with this young lady. The second that I started photographing her, she started giving me all sort of looks—all great looks!

I think her eyes says it all in this photo. I wanted to make sure that they were the main feature of the image.


Camera settings: Nikon D3, Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 at 135mm, shot at ISO 200, f/8 and 1/45th of a second with a SB-800 at 1/8th power.

Post Processing:

Lightroom—Set white and black points, added mid-tone contrast, added clarity.

Photoshop—used nik Color Efex Pro soft focus filter to soften the overall image.


  1. Great shot Larry. Your right, it's all about the eyes - great catch lights. Also a good job of minimizing the background in the scene.

  2. I think you just turned your blog into an "adults only" blog. Quite suggestive look. Great focus on those eyes. I cannot believe you took this photo while strolling around a festival. It looks like a studio shot. Great work.

  3. If you want her eyes to be the main focus of this shot, you should crop up about 4 inches! (just below her necklace) Wonderful soft light and great expression. The soft focus filter has a nice effect on her skin --- did you mask it off her eyes, lips, etc or does it just affect the skin?

  4. If you do my portrait will I look like this? WOW. Fantastic work.

  5. I hate to tell you this, but I seem to look at more than her eyes. Good work. Lighting is great.

  6. I don't know why everyone wants to crop out that flower. My eyes go straight to hers.

    Nice job on exposure, composition, control of DOF and capturing her expression.

  7. Beautiful portrait Patrick!

    Well done!

  8. My eye flow - eyes, lips, flower....flower, lips, eyes.... very nice. Trying to see the nice reflection in her eyes. Then, eyes go to her right shoulder area. Is there more there...is that part of her outfit...did you darken it....doesn't look right around her top shoulder strap and side...like the darkness overlaps. Should not crop above the flower!

  9. The dark right shoulder is part of her outfit. It was a navy or black color puffy type sleeve. The background is some greenery made dark from the open shade.


  10. You da'man. Not sure how you got this one, but I like it.