February 10, 2015

Why the Fujifilm X100 T?

First and foremost—quality of the images coming from the Fujifilm X100 T is outstanding.  They are sharp and crisp and have little noise.  The color rendering is outstanding and the gradation from highlights to shadows to blacks is smooth. I believe all of this is due to the quality of the lens, sensor and the lack of low-pass filter.  The dynamic range of the sensor is more than adequate for most shooting.
The image below was shot in JPEG using the camera settings for Velvia, which is considered to be rich, bold and colors with high contrast.  I often shot Velvia film when shooting landscapes.
As I looked at the scene in the image below, I thought that it had very interesting contrast—the reflection of the buildings in the glass looked like a 4K image shown on a very high definition television and the muted colors of the pillars, plants and sidewalk as presented on a print on watercolor paper.
I think that the camera handled both extremely well.  

Camera settings:  Fujifilm X100 T, ISO 1250, f/8 at 1/400th of a second, JPEG shot with Velvia film profile.
Post Processing:
Lightroom 5—lightened shadow area.