June 8, 2010


Reading comments from Mel and Sya on last Friday’s photo of the mountain goat, I immediately said: “Why didn’t you see that?”   They were correct—the rocks are a very distracting element in the photo.  So, I decided to repost the image without the rocks, or at least without most of them.  At first I tried cloning the rocks out, but I really did not like the results I got.  Then I looked at the image more closely and decided that by cropping the image I would: (1) get rid of most of the rocks; and, (2) place the goat in a much better position within the composition.
The second lesson relearned concerns remembering to take ALL the photos that you should take on your vacation. 
While out hiking one day, JD’s boot began to disintegrate on the trail.  We had to cut our hike short in fear that JD would be hiking barefoot.  Not a good idea!  After we got back to the cabin, I noticed JD’s boots setting on the floor.  I thought:  “I need a photo of those boots so that we can remember our ‘special hike.’”  It is not a great photo, but it does help to build memories, so remember, don’t forget to make those memories on your next vacation.


  1. Wow, JD that is pretty impressive --- I have worn out tennis shoes but never hiking boots! You must have logged a lot of miles with those. Larry, I liked how you captured that memory too! And the mountain goat crop helps a lot. I did not realize mountain goats are so CUTE! Kind of reminds me of Pearl (I swear sometimes she even has horns, though hers seem to have a red cast).

  2. I do not need you telling me what I should take pix of.
    Charles M

  3. Thanks for the mention. You changes makes the photo of the goat a much more impressive image. It helps to highlight the difference between the goat and everything else.

  4. I like the boot picture. Good reminder to take time and help build your memories of the trip. Thirty years from now those photos will be the ones you look at over and over.

  5. A huge improvement over the initial post. Looks like a few people were on the mark with their comments. The composition is much stronger as a result of the changes. There is no doubt what the main focus of the photo is now, with my eyes immediately going to the mountain goat.

    I truly appreciate mention of documenting the other things that happen while on vacation. Too many times we get tied up in creating the perfect photo, but miss out on the smaller things that help make the trip more personal and memorable for us. While the goat photo is something you will remember for the "we were here when I shot this" comment, the shoe photo will forever be in your minds and be something you will both laugh about as you relate the tale to others of how the photo came about.

    Nice job including both in the post.