June 25, 2010

An Ice Cream Parlor from the Past

Ste. Genevieve has many neat old building.  My favorite was probably the ice cream parlor because it reminded me of one in Alma, a small town near Fort Smith.  Every time my grandfather and I went to Alma, Mr. Harris, one of my grandfather’s closest friends, would take all of us over to the ice cream parlor for some home made ice cream.  Great ice and great memories.
I wanted the photo to have a slightly aged look, but I did not want to use a boarder or any textures.  I tried making the photo into a black and white, but it didn’t have the aged look that I wanted.  I then toned the black and white to sepia and reduced the opacity of the layer so that the layer muted the colors of the parlor.
Camera settings:  Nikon D3, Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 shot at 28mm,  ISO 560, f/5.6 and 1/60th of a second.
Post Processing:  
Lightroom—Set black and white points, added clarity and increased contrast.
Photoshop—Used Topaz Adjust to bring out the details and then added a black and white layer with a sepia toning at 40% to mute the colors and to give the photo a more aged look.


  1. Neat old ice cream parlor. I like how you aged the photo to better fit with the objects in it.

  2. Not good.
    Charles M

  3. Nice way to create a mood Larry. I'm sure there will be the usual naysayers about the fairly modern drink dispenser, but I really like the tone of the photo. Thanks for filling us in on how you did it.

  4. Did you use the lens correction of CS5?