March 27, 2012

Emili and Jordon Shoot #3

Before I write another word, let me say that the photos that I have previously presented of both Emili and Jordon are no better than the two that I now present.  To me, it is a matter of personal preference as to which one of the photos of them you prefer.   
I present these adjusted photos (as requested in several comments) to merely show how a low-key version of Emili’s and a high-key version of Jordon’s photo might look.  I do not think that you can get the same effect using Lightroom or Photoshop that you can be actually shooting with a given look in mind, but I do think that these are a relatively good representation of what the shots might look like.
It is totally up to you to decide which photo you prefer.
Camera settings: as previously reported.
Lightroom 4—adjusted exposure and contrast to make changes to the respective photos.


  1. I think you took the photos the way you intended to in the first series of shots. The backgrounds in both work towards your original vision of what you wanted from the shot. Making it into what someone else wanted to see doesn't represent your own thought processes for the shot. I know you were trying to satisfy someone's curiosity, but let them go shoot it and find out.

  2. I look at the photos and immediately see why you took them the way that you did. I like first two that you presented of Jordon and Emili.

  3. Larry, I see your point. Emili does look much better with a high key approach and Jordon's coloring definitely shows with the low key approach. I do think that the approaches makes the ladies look older (low key) or younger (high key). Is this normal? Thanks for showing us both.

  4. I agree with Allen's comments and echo Bert's thank you. For many of us new to photography, you presenting the two versions of the photos really help. Before I saw them, I was not sure what high key and low key meant. I probably still to not know however I think I might have an idea. Keep the good photos and the info flowing. Some of us out here need it.