December 11, 2013

Painted Church of Texas


Most of the time, I photograph the sign outside of churches so that I can later label them; however, for several of the painted churches that I photographed on this trip, I did not do that.  Why?  Getting really old! 
When I first entered the church, I was taken back by how all the colors worked so well together and the overall symmetry of the church.  I tried to capture both. 
I wished that I had taken a few additional under-exposures so that I could have added more details in the windows, but, alas, I did not.  Getting really OLD! 
Camera settings:  Nikon D800 on a tripod, 17-35mm f/2.8 lens at 19mm, ISO 100, f/22 at 0.8 of a second on a tripod. 
Post Processing: 
Lightroom 5—applied Nikon vivid preset, set white and black points, added a loft of vibrance and clarity, adjusted saturation of various colors and used lens correction to correct for distortion.