December 17, 2009

Candid Photos from India #14

I was watching a lady prepare flowers for a wedding when I heard: “you’re nothing but a hound dog. . . crying all the the time.” Naturally, I had to follow the music. I walked about a half a block and found this man playing nothing but Elvis music over his stereo.

He spoke very, very little English, so trying to understand why the Elvis music was playing was next to impossible to discover. Regardless, I think with the music playing and a poster of Elvis prominently displayed, one thing is evident: Elvis is indeed the King!


Camera settings: Nikon D200, Nikon 28-70mm f/2.8 at 70mm shot at ISO 100, f/5.6 and 1/90th of a second.

Post Processing:

Lightroom—Set white and black points, added mid-tone contrast, added clarity.

Photoshop—used nik Color Efex tonal contrast filter to add contrast to highlight, mi-tones and shadows and then cloned-out various minor distractions.


  1. Enjoyed the humor of this one. I have encountered a similar experience of people in other countries listening to American music and yet not speaking any English. Everything in this photo seems to go with the backstory.

  2. Great colors and textures in this image and how great that the man's head is turned just like the poster of Elvis! The backstory is wonderful too.

  3. Great photo and most entertaining backstory. I enjoyed.

  4. I find the contrast between the left side with Elvis' picture and the right side with the Indian writing most interesting. It really makes you think hard about the image.
    The Professor

  5. Like it. Like it a lot.
    Charles M