September 17, 2013

Yellowstone 2013 Visit—#6

While we were eating our lunch in a small park, this mother deer and fawn moved through the eating area.  Both of them watched us for some time from the safety of the woods; but then, mom decided that we were not too much danger so they moved through the area. 
Even though only the fawn’s head is in the photo, this is my favorite image that I took because of how both mom and baby are looking straight at me. 
Camera settings:  Nikon D4 on a tripod, 80-400mm f/2.8 at 350mm, ISO 280, f/5.6 at 1/7500th of a second. 
Post Processing: 
Lightroom 5—applied Nikon Standard preset, set white and black points, added vibrance and clarity.


  1. The fawn makes this shot.

  2. They are definitely checking you out.